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If you’ve found Peaks & Puddles useful, please consider one of these ways to support the project as I continue to grow it.

From paying for the web hosting to working on the design, collecting photos and writing the text, this is all my own personal endeavour and it’s taken so much time to put together!

I’ve always wanted to keep ads as unobtrusive as possible (no pop-ups, interstitials or silly things covering the page), to keep the majority of the website free to access and to be able to justify the time I put into this place, but for that I need your help!

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Not literally a coffee, although I do get through a lot gathering and write-up routes! With just a couple of clicks, you can drop a few quid at Ko-fi — just the cost of a coffee, or two, would be amazing.

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One of the best ways to support won’t cost a penny extra — just click through any of the links below the next time you buy some gear, a guidebook or even a new bike and Peaks & Puddles will get rewarded a small sum in return for referring you.

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The Peaks & Puddles Shop is now home to a collection of new Pocket Guides (£1) which are downloadable and printable PDF guides providing simplified turn-by-turn directions, a custom map and trivia/places of interest, perfect to pop in a back pocket and check along the way. There’s even a separate version included that’s designed for swiping through on a phone.

I’m working on gradually producing a Pocket Guide for most routes, including the major trails. The Cycle Routes Pocket Guide Collection (£4) is available for a single low price. It gives you a download access link that’ll work forever, so once purchased, as more guides are completed, they’ll be added and available to download for no extra cost.

If you’re just interested in the route files for your GPS app or device, the Cycle Routes GPX Collection (£5) has them all for a single price. The simple download page (with individual routes as well as a complete package of everything) is also being constantly updated as routes are added and changed.

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