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I’ve always wanted to provide the bulk of the website free to access and keep advertising to an absolute minimum (you won’t see any infuriating, page-covering pop-ups here!) — but that’s not easy. Producing new content while maintaining what’s here takes a wild amount of time. So here are some ways to help support my work while continuing your adventures…

Routes & Downloads

Longer cycle routes marked P+ are reserved for supporters. To access these exclusive pages and get even more in return, take a look at my Pocket Guides & GPX collections, which give access to all the extra Peaks & Puddles + pages now and still to come.

Pocket Guides are simplified, downloadable PDF guides for each route in two formats: one designed for your phone, like a mini ebook, one perfect for printing. They’re available individually, with GPX navigation files, or as a complete collection.

For just the navigation files, see the GPX Collection. Or for absolutely everything (P+ website guides, Pocket Guides Collection and GPX Collection), unlock the Cycle Routes Bundle.

The great thing is, these are all one-off payments to unlock — you’ll be able to return forever to access new and updated content.

Books & Maps

I don’t sell any physical items myself, but on these pages I’ve put together handy listings of local paper maps, travel guide books and other cycling books. Great to discover further reading and routes, equally good to find gift ideas for that next birthday!

By buying through the links on these pages, Peaks & Puddles gets a tiny referral fee at no extra cost to yourself.

Bikes, Gear & More

As above, if you’re planning a purchase from one of these well-known online stores, please consider clicking through from here first. Peaks & Puddles will get a tiny cut to say thanks, keeping the wheels spinning.