Pocket Guides & GPX

Keep Peaks & Puddles in your pocket with these handy route downloads, available individually or by becoming a Peaks & Puddles + supporter for a one-off contribution of just £10.

Pocket Guides

Condensed and easy to follow directions for each route plus a custom-designed map, saved to your device.

Beat data blackspots and get straight to the all-important directions. I’ve designed these Pocket Guides from scratch to give all the detail you need while out for the ride.

Custom-designed maps based on OpenStreetMap show the main route along with alternatives in blue. Useful linking routes and off-road paths are clearly marked in pink. Steep hills, places to take care and important landmarks are all noted. They look best in colour, but work in monochrome too.

A complete elevation profile for the route, with numbered way markers, helps you to prepare for those hills.

Turn-by-turn directions are massively simplified compared to the detailed website guides, mostly as TR, TL and SA, but with wordier pointers where necessary and extra details like elevation gain for each significant climb.

It’s not just text — original photography dotted through the mobile guides makes each one like a complete mini ebook for the route.

Each guide is provided in two formats: one a multi-page guide perfectly sized for phones, the other a two-sided A4 guide perfect to print and fold up for a jersey pocket.

Easily save the PDF files to your phone from the download page so they’re always there. Tap the ‘share’ icon then your chosen app (Books is a good choice for iPhone).

Join Peaks & Puddles + for a one-off contribution of £10 to access the complete collection. Or if you’re just interested in one route, they’re available individually with added GPX navigation files.

Full Collection — Included with Peaks & Puddles + (£10)
Single (with GPX files) — £1.50

GPX Files

Give a small contribution, get a mega route drop.

The GPX files for every single route featured on Peaks & Puddles — and even those I haven’t found time to write up yet!

Every Recommended Ride, plus other route options for each one. Popular trails, longer combined rides and more. Future routes yet to be given their own guide. Over 60 different routes, each meticulously pin-pointed onto maps so you don’t have to!

Save to your navigation device (eg. Garmin, Wahoo) and it’ll provide turn-by-turn directions on the go. Or import to an online route planner to view the ride and make your own edits.

Easily download individual files — or the complete collection as a single Zip folder — from the dedicated secret download page. Also includes routes in TCX and FIT file formats.

Become a Peaks & Puddles + supporter to access the full collection. Or if you’re just interested in one route, the navigation files are included with each individual Pocket Guide download.

Full Collection — Included with Peaks & Puddles + (£10)
Single (with Pocket Guide) — £1.50

Peaks & Puddles +

Or all of the above! Downloadable guides, navigation files and exclusive website guides for a single one-off contribution.

You’ll get access to one, simple, secret page on the Peaks & Puddles website with a link to each part of the bundle.

Save the Peaks & Puddles + homepage to your bookmarks and return any time, forever to access the latest new and updated supporter-only content.

Peaks & Puddles + (£10)

Secure & easy downloads

Payments via the major Ko-fi platform, with a choice of card, PayPal and Apple Pay, keep things easy and secure.

I’m selling these extras using a Ko-fi shop, meaning payments are always securely handled by a big name provider.

PayPal is available but I’ll be honest here: as it charges much higher fees, do please consider using Apple Pay or a standard card payment instead (all handled by Stripe, the major global payments platform).

Upon completing checkout, you’ll immediately receive the link to unlock your chosen content back here on Peaks & Puddles.

Updates & new content

After a one-time payment to unlock, return again and again for new and updated content.

The Pocket Guide and GPX collections aren’t done yet! I’ve got plenty more routes to cover and will endeavour to always keep these up to date with any changes on the ground.

Make sure to bookmark the secret links in your web browser — you can return any time for the latest updates.