GPX Collection: New cycle routes, more files & easier downloads

Map showing GPX routes covered in the Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire Peak District areas

Adding brand new routes, more alternatives and now TCX and FIT files, I just wanted to let you know about a big update to the Cycle Routes GPX Collection that’s helped to fund the website this year.

Easier downloads

For just a fiver, this now unlocks access to a hidden page right here with GPX files for every cycle route featured. This supports me, all the work I’ve put into Peaks & Puddles, and keeping this website a primarily free-to-access resource for everyone.

The new download page hopefully improves on downloading from Ko-fi, the “buy me a coffee” service where payments are handled. The secret link is provided immediately (no password required!); bookmark it to return to anytime.

Millers Dale for Tideswell Return

Now with TCX and FIT files

A complete ZIP folder of all 70 GPX files is available, along with individual files — now also including TCX and FIT files just to cover every base.

Every Recommended Ride is there, including other route options for most of those — perhaps shorter, longer, bumpier or just different ways to ride. Popular Paths & Trails are included too, plus Longer Combined Rides (I’m particularly enjoying Over Hills Around New Mills + Chinley Churner at the moment).

Cycle Routes GPX Collection
Above and Below Werneth Low

New and future routes

Yes — I am still working on more new route guides and the GPX for several of these is included as a preview. Try out Millers Dale for Tideswell Return, looping from Chinley to the Monsal Trail, or Above and Below Werneth Low, a great gravelly adventure with awesome Peak District views that never leaves Greater Manchester.

Cat & Fiddle Climbs featuring the Brickworks, Windgather and Goyt Valley sounds familiar, but I’ve thrown in a few fun quirks to make it unique. For something flatter, Wizardly Lanes, Planes and Trains miraculously avoids busy roads almost entirely in a 40-mile loop of north east Cheshire.

Despite the great rail connections, it seems few published cycling guides ever cover this area. Touching on all of New Mills, Disley, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Buxworth, Hidden Hills in High Peak is an ode to what they’re missing.

And more besides — not just now but in the future too. Whenever I add or update rides, you’ll have access to the route files from that one download page for that one payment.

Old Roads into the Peak

More guides are coming!

Aargh! No, I haven’t managed to add to the collection of website route guides like I’d hoped this year. But continuing on from the 26 completed last year, there will be more soon.

Besides other commitments and projects, I’ve foolishly been working on several at once rather than just getting one done. Add to that gathering photos, riding and riding again to check details…

But never mind my own routes; completing the free guides to named trails is a must-do. Longdendale Trail and High Peak Trail are up first, including loads of photos I gathered last year that I’m really excited to share. Look out for that very soon!

Cycle Routes GPX Collection

Already unlocked the GPX Collection? Revisit your email confirmation or log into Ko-fi for the new download link which should now be provided. Any problems, just drop me a message!

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